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Franchise Information

The Whale Tea offers an extensive menu of beverages that include traditional milk teas, fruit teas, slushes, and signature drinks. Customers can customize their drinks with different sweetness levels and toppings such as tapioca, popping boba, and fruit jelly. We also accommodate customers that have dairy allergies by offering milk alternatives such as oat milk and almond milk.


Franchise Opportunities:

The Whale Tea offers franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in owning a bubble tea business. Franchisees receive support in areas such as site selection, store design, marketing, and training to help ensure the success of their business.



The specific requirements for becoming The Whale Tea franchise may vary, but generally, potential franchisees are expected to have adequate financial resources and a passion for the brand. Franchisees should also be committed to providing excellent customer service and upholding The Whale Tea brand values.


Investment and Fees:

Becoming a franchisee typically involves an initial franchise fee, which grants you the right to use The Whale Tea brand and business model. Additionally, franchisees may be required to pay ongoing royalty fees one time a year instead of paying the percentage of sales.


Support and Training:

The Whale Tea provides training and ongoing support to franchisees to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate a successful business. This support may include on-site training and access to the company's resources and systems.

For the most accurate and current information on The Whale Tea franchise opportunities, please visit the local store or contact the franchise department in Virginia. Keep in mind that franchise

opportunities, fees, and requirements may change over time, so it's essential to gather the latest information from reliable sources before making any decisions.


Contact for More Information:


Phone Number: 917-655-2672

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